Tori Drew

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Every Woman Has a Story To Tell

I am more resolved than ever in finding better ways to deliver care, and I know that LunaYou will fulfill that mission. No woman should ever be reduced to the color of her skin, her economic situation, or her age. Every woman has a story to tell.


For LunaYou, empowering women is one of the key components of the platform. Photography is a powerful reminder of who you really are, and a touch point to come back to again and again.

Welcome Courtney!

BIF is proud to welcome Courtney Lester, Business Model Designer to our team. As part of her role, in 2020 she will be the Wellness Coach for the 25 women in the Woman-Centered Maternal Wellbeing Program: LunaYou. Courtney has a natural ability to connect with people, she invites confidence, emphasizes strength and vulnerability, all in …

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