LunaYou is a Maternal Wellbeing Platform Focused on Empowerment To End the Maternal Health Crisis in America

The Problem: Women Are More Likely to Die or Suffer Serious Complications From Childbirth In the U.S. Than In Any Other High Income Nation in the World


Live births in the U.S. every year


Women die from pregnancy-related complications every year


Women suffer life-threatening complications from childbirth every year


Women experience serious complications and avoidable suffering from childbirth

The U.S. Maternal Health Crisis Is a Social Justice Issue With BIPOC Facing the Greatest Risk. 

Black women are 3x more likely to die in childbirth than white women.

Black and Latina women experience rising and disproportionately higher rates of premature births. 

Women on Medicaid are 82% more likely to develop life threatening complications than women who are privately insured. 

3 in 5 serious childbirth related complications and deaths can be prevented.

Solution: The LunaYou Platform

LunaYou is a Personalized Wellbeing Platform
Empowering Women to Improve Their Own and Each Other’s Maternal Health 

LunaYou is

LunaYou focuses on empowerment and personalizing the wellbeing experience for each member.

We’re catalyzing a trusted and culturally responsive community of support.

LunaYou is
Designed for Impact

Members are empowered to recognize
and take actions to improve
their own wellbeing.

Our initial focus on BIWOC will improve maternal health outcomes and reduce racial disparities

The LunaYou Mobile Platform Empowers Women With Access to Coaching, Information, Skills and Social Support Throughout Pregnancy 

LunaYou is a remote, digital platform supporting members during pregnancy and 3 months postpartum.

Members have access to a community forum, where they can interact with other pregnant people and new moms.

Track your blood pressure, sleep, and step count on a private wellbeing dashboard, accessible only to you.

Record notes for your doctor’s appointment or complete a journal prompt in your own private journal.

Attend virtual events with other LunaYou members and coaches, to support your wellbeing and help you establish important social connections.

Schedule wellbeing check-ins with a live wellbeing coach, at a time that works for you.

Traction: First Reference Customer

LunaYou is Gaining Traction, Scaling Up To Empower 500 Women in Collaboration With Our Program Partner, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island.

  • NHPRI is the largest RI Medicaid insurer with 3500 live births covered annually. 
  • Current NHPRI performance contract serves as a model to build on as LunaYou scales nationally. 
  • Ongoing data collection includes engagement, persistence, satisfaction and outcomes data. 

Progress to Date


Women Enrolled


Babies born


Baby named Luna

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Research Hypothesis:

  • Enabling self-empowerment and social support improves maternal health outcomes. 

Research Plan:

  • Recruit/enroll 1500 women across 3  locations and program partners  
  • Measure and track engagement, persistence and satisfaction data via mobile platform
  • Quantify LunaYou impact on clinical and economic outcomes

An Evidence-Based Case for LunaYou

Five Year Growth Plan  

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Together, we can end the maternal health crisis in America.