We created LunaYou because

  • Today, U.S. women are 50% more likely to die or experience a serious complication in childbirth than their mothers.
  • Women on Medicaid are 82% more likely to develop life threatening complications than women who are privately insured.
  • Black women are 3x more likely to die in childbirth than white women.
  • Black and Latina women experience rising and disproportionately higher rates of premature births.
  • 38% of women of color suffer from postpartum depression compared to 16% of white women.

LunaYou is

Empowering each woman to take charge of her pregnancy journey, with the confidence that she can influence better outcomes.

Facilitating the connection of a small group of family and friends to support each woman on her pregnancy journey.

Enabling direct and trusted access to a real-time flow of information relevant to a woman’s maternal health and wellbeing, and her pregnancy.

Enabling women to engage with medical care and social services quickly when needed to respond to real time changes in her maternal risk patterns.

Catalyzing a micro-culture of racial sensitivity, respect and honest communication  to lessen the stress of interacting with today’s healthcare system while working with providers to address biases. 


Courtney Lester

Wellbeing Coach

Tori Drew

Operations Manager

Liz Ouk

Office Coordinator

Victoria Guck

Finance Operations

Saul Kaplan

Founder & Chief Catalyst

Sam K.

Digital Media

Caylin P.



Angela Bannerman Ankoma
Executive Vice President,
Director of Community Investment,
United Way RI

Ami Bhatt, MD
Director, MGH Adult
Congenital Heart
Disease Program

Gisel Bello
MD Candidate, Class of 2021 Alpert Medical School
Brown University

Melissa Cummings
Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield RI

Margaret Holland McDuff
CEO, Family Service
of Rhode Island

Stephanie Mitchell,
Advanced Practice Certified Nurse Midwife, Providence, RI

Pablo Rodriguez, MD
Medical Director for Community Affairs,
Care New England

Renee B. Rulin, MD MPH
National Medical Director
Clinical Services,
Optum Health

Ralph Perfetto, PhD MBA
Healthcare IT leader. expertise in 
data analytics, personalized wellbeing, software development

Sandra Victorino, LMHC
Director of Acute Care 
The Providence Center

Vanessa Vigil
Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership, Brown University, May ’20

Joe Wilson, Jr.
Coordinator Of Activism Through Performance And Resident Acting Company Member, Trinity Rep

Yolanda Wisher
Poet, Singer, Educator and 
Curator of Spoken Word, 
Philadelphia Contemporary

Danika Severino Wynn, 
Midwife and Lactation Consultant