Empowering Maternal Health through LunaYou: A Transformative Partnership Model for Faith-Based Spaces

We are delighted to share our partnership with Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (FMBC) and LunaYou, a collaboration that has significantly impacted maternal health within the community of Vallejo, CA. Year to date, we have successfully enrolled 16 women into the program, who otherwise would not be afforded this opportunity without the financial support and investment of FMBC. We believe that by presenting our partnership as a powerful model, we can inspire and encourage other faith-based spaces to join us in making a significant impact on maternal health outcomes across the country.

Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis

The United States faces a pressing maternal health crisis, disproportionately affecting BIPOC women. FMBC recognized the urgency of addressing this issue and partnered with LunaYou, a personalized maternal well-being platform. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to empower women in improving their maternal health outcomes and make a meaningful impact within the community, particularly among black and brown populations facing higher risks.

The LunaYou and FMBC Partnership

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (FMBC), known for its strong commitment to community service, is taking a pioneering step by becoming the first faith-based organization to offer LunaYou’s services to its members and the local Vallejo community. FMBC’s extensive reach and engagement with BIPOC pregnant women in Vallejo uniquely position the church to improve maternal health and well-being. Through its Community Development Center, New Dawn, FMBC has a history of impactful service work, and this collaboration with LunaYou represents a natural continuation of their dedication to the community. FMBC, in collaboration with LunaYou, launched a pilot program that aims to enroll and empower 40 LunaYou Mamas while establishing and strengthening the necessary community connections and support systems to expand and sustain the program.

FMBC’s involvement in this initiative signifies a vital opportunity to amplify the voices of BIPOC women and instill confidence in their journey through pregnancy and beyond. LunaYou’s comprehensive platform provides personalized support to women throughout their pregnancy and for three months postpartum. The platform offers live well-being coaching, enabling women to easily track and improve their well-being indicators, such as blood pressure, sleep, and physical activity. It also encourages women to maintain a personal journal and prepare for doctor visits. Additionally, LunaYou Mamas have access to the LunaYou Mamas Forum, a trusted online community where they can share their pregnancy experiences, learn from experts and each other, and provide support.

Why Faith-Based Spaces are Crucial

Faith-based spaces play a vital role in addressing the maternal health crisis due to their trusted position within communities. They serve as safe havens where individuals seek support and guidance, making them ideal platforms to provide essential information and resources related to maternal health. Partnering with LunaYou allows faith-based spaces to enhance their support systems and offer a comprehensive approach to maternal well-being, leveraging technology to reach a wider audience effectively.


Through this collaboration, we have successfully enrolled 16 expectant mothers into the LunaYou Program. These women, who may have otherwise faced limited access to maternal health resources, have been able to benefit from the comprehensive support and personalized care provided by LunaYou.

Of the 16 enrolled mothers, we are proud to share that six of them have already given birth and successfully completed the LunaYou program during the crucial three months postpartum period. This achievement showcases the effectiveness of our approach in supporting women throughout their entire maternal journey, from pregnancy to the early stages of motherhood. By providing ongoing guidance, tracking vital indicators, and facilitating connections within a trusted community, we have empowered these mothers to navigate this transformative period with confidence and support.

Currently, we have 10 active mothers participating in the LunaYou Program, each receiving personalized care and access to the diverse resources offered by LunaYou. This continued engagement reflects the commitment and dedication of both the mothers and the faith-based spaces involved in the program. Through regular interactions, well-being coaching, and the LunaYou Mamas Forum, these women have formed a supportive community, sharing experiences, knowledge, and advice with one another.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices

The Community Mama Shower, a celebratory event that introduced LunaYou to expectant mothers, facilitated immediate enrollment into the program, combating attrition and lack of follow-through. The event also allowed for a deeper understanding of the community’s needs, informing tailored support and resources. Our outreach efforts yielded an impressive response, with more than 20 interested women in Vallejo, CA, who were 26 weeks or less into their pregnancies (a very niche population), expressing their desire to participate in the LunaYou program.

This shower served as an opportunity not only to celebrate and honor the mothers-to-be but also to introduce them to the LunaYou platform and the comprehensive support it offers. Through informative presentations and interactive discussions, we highlighted the various features and benefits of LunaYou, emphasizing how it can empower and support them throughout their pregnancy and the postpartum period.

In addition to its enrollment benefits, the Community Mama Shower played a crucial role in defining and understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by mothers in the Vallejo community. Through open and candid discussions, we gained valuable insights into their experiences, concerns, and aspirations. This deeper understanding of the local context allowed us to tailor our support and resources to address the unique needs of these mothers effectively.


The success of the LunaYou and FMBC partnership highlights the potential for faith-based spaces to make a tangible impact on maternal health. By leveraging their trusted relationships and community connections, coupled with LunaYou’s comprehensive platform, faith-based spaces can empower and uplift mothers, ensuring they receive the care, resources, and support they deserve. We invite other faith-based spaces to join us in this transformative journey, collectively creating a future where all mothers thrive.

Visit our website, www.lunayou.com , to learn more about our partnership and how you can get involved in empowering maternal health in your community. Together, we can make a difference!