Happy First Birthday LunaYou!

Together We Can End the Maternal Health Crisis in America

Dear BIF and LunaYou Community,

It’s been a minute! We’ve been heads down pivoting BIF into an impact venture studio and spinning out LunaYou, designed to end the maternal health crisis in America. 2022 has been an amazing year and we want to share and celebrate our progress empowering BIPOC women facing the greatest maternal health risk. We wouldn’t be here without your continued encouragement and support. Everything we have experienced, learned and embodied together as a community of human-centered innovation junkies at BIF Summits and throughout the last 20 years has given us the tools, connections and confidence to design social system-changing new business models like LunaYou.  

2022 inspired us all as LunaYou gains traction empowering pregnant individuals to improve their own and each other’s maternal health and wellbeing. Each LunaYou Mama that we support, throughout her pregnancy, teaches us something new about what the joy of maternal wellbeing looks, sounds and feels like.  

Here is what the joy of maternal wellbeing sounds like in the voice of LunaYou Mamas themselves. 

In addition to the powerful stories shared with us by LunaYou Mamas, here are the highlights of LunaYou’s accomplishments in its first year by the numbers. 

Behind LunaYou’s progress is an amazing high-performing team committed to LunaYou’s impact vision and mission. Team LunaYou could not be more excited and ready to continue building on our progress. 

Team LunaYou is just getting started and is ready to take LunaYou to the next level of scale and impact. We’re gaining confidence that we are on the right track and that LunaYou can scale to the size of the maternal health problem we face in America. We have set clear priorities for ourselves in 2023.

Let’s catalyze something bigger than ourselves. Join our LunaYou community. Together we can end the maternal health crisis in America starting with BIPOC women at the greatest risk. Stay connected to our journey at lunayou.com and sign up to receive periodic LunaYou updates.

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Happy Holidays. Wishing the entire BIF and LunaYou community a Healthy and Happy New Year.  

Saul Kaplan