Yasmine’s LunaYou Journey

Listen as one LunaYou Mama shares her pregnancy experience.

Interview by Courtney Lester

Can you first tell us your name, who you are, your baby’s name, and how your pregnancy experience has been?

Okay, my name is Yasmine, I am 32 years old and I am the mother of a healthy baby boy named Javi. My experience with LunaYou, as far as the pregnancy and postpartum journey, so far has been amazing. I loved having a wellbeing coach, like yourself Courtney, just like as someone that could, check in with me and could like, [unclear] pregnancy concerns as needed, so that part has been amazing. 

Yeah, tell me why you signed up for LunaYou, so when you got the message from us, what inclined you to be like “yeah I want to be a part of this”

So when I saw the message, the thing that stuck out to me was the fact that it said it focused on maternal wellbeing, and that, to me, was something big because during pregnancy, you know, you’re just so concerned about the life growing inside you and, it’s easy to forget about yourself. So for something that was focusing on, you know, refocusing on the mom, and just how mom personally is doing. I felt like that was amazing. Because there’s so many programs that are just like, you know, “the baby, oh the baby, the baby” It’s just like, okay, but  I gotta make sure I’m good too. 

Yeah, yeah, and that’s exactly what we’re designed for – making sure that mom is well too. 


Yeah, so now, how did you give birth? Did you have a vaginal birth or cesarean? 

So I did, thankfully, do a vaginal delivery. So that went well. Thankfully – you know, no complications, no need for a cesarean. So I was lucky enough to be able to just go through with that.

Good. Good, good good. 


And did you feel like, supported on your journey, both personally and with LunaYou?

Yeah, no I definitely did. Especially like since we started like from pregnancy coming up to when baby actually was here, I definitely did feel supported. I felt confident going in. Yeah, no, it just was really, it was a really good experience, like there was no complaints. It was just, you know you always get nervous, but like, I know that I have somebody in my corner. 

Yeah, awesome awesome awesome. So tell me how you’ve used the digital blood pressure cuff and the fitness watch. How has that aided in your wellbeing?

So that was an awesome thing that I never really thought I would need, but it was really helpful in the fact that I could check my own blood pressure, instead of having to wait for a visit and just hearing it from the doctor. It’s like, I have the control and I, you know, saw some numbers that were concerning. I could be at the front end of it, instead of waiting for someone to tell me, you know, “hey, something’s wrong”. Like, I could be the one to check on that. 

Yeah, that’s good- and that’s the point right? It’s all about empowerment, and trying to have those numbers in your own hands, so that like, okay like, now you know, like your pressure is up. You don’t have to wait for the doctor to tell you, or worse, something really go wrong because you don’t have the access to check that yourself. 

Now, were you able to use the LunaYou platform at all in this?

Yeah, I did. I checked in on, sometimes I would try to get those little giveaways.


Yeah. I didn’t win any, but it was, you know, fun trying and it nice, like, seeing that there was a community built of women who were just able to bounce off of each other but it was a really nice thing to have, just like, in case I ever needed to, you know, get to a mom who is going through the same thing. In my personal situation, I have a big family so I have a lot of people to talk to, but it’s nice to know that if I needed that, that I could have tapped into that community of just mothers.

Yeah, yeah, no that’s amazing. That makes me feel really good, and you know that, I know that people love the giveaways and different things like that, this is exciting. So overall would you say that your wellbeing has improved since joining LunaYou? Your maternal wellbeing.

I would say I guess I’m more like aware, of like myself, as like, you know, just kind of like centering back to me. So, I would definitely say yes and, you know, it’s a nice thing that I can recommend to other moms that I know that are,you know, expecting too. 

Yeah, please. Yeah please do. And then, do you have any other additional stories or words of wisdom or advice that you’d like to share with other moms that are thinking about joining the program or who are iin the program. 

I would say, just like, be very vocal with your coach and utilize the calls because there’s so much help that you might not have known you had access to. 

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