LunaYou is Hiring a Product Director!

Join us as we work to end the maternal health crisis in America,
starting with the communities facing the greatest risk.

The United States has the worst maternal health outcomes of all high-income nations in the world. Our health crisis is not only a maternal health crisis but one where systemic issues compound. Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) face significantly higher rates of life-threatening complications giving birth. 

At LunaYou, we believe we can make a material difference in these outcomes for the better and are inviting our first Product Director to take their experience and lend their talents to some of our most vulnerable. Is this something you (or someone you know) are interested in tackling head-on? Contact Us

We know that Product Directors come from all sorts of backgrounds and paths, so please check out the job description. The broadest strokes of what we are looking for include 8+ years of product design experience (even if it wasn’t always called that) and proven experience of leadership that flourish in the possibilities and constraints of startups, taking our MVP to the next level.

Some context

In January 2022, BIF launched its first impact venture in LunaYou, designed to empower women with a personalized maternal wellbeing platform to improve their own and each other’s maternal health outcomes. We aim to leverage modern technology offerings and coupling that with live coaching, actionable insights and social support, meeting our most vulnerable with care and respect.

Since Q1 2022, LunaYou has been gaining traction with 335 newly expecting mothers enrolled so far, including the celebration of 178 births.

And we’re just getting started. 

We also had our first LunaYou Mama, grateful for the support she received throughout her pregnancy, to name her new baby, Luna! 

As we continue to grow to facilitate and learn how best to empower more through LunaYou we are looking to hire our first Product Director to lead us through our new partnership and Series A funding.

If this sounds like a problem set you want to challenge, you can apply here! 

In the coming weeks we will be hiring for both a Community Engagement Manager and additional Wellbeing Coaches.

All of these roles are critical to the successful growth of our mission-based venture and offer an inspiring career opportunity for individuals inspired to work on maternal health and changing lives. If you or someone you know is interested, please email and include either a CV or your linkedin profile.

We welcome all inquiries and appreciate shares. 

Let’s catalyze something bigger than any of us. 

Join Us!
– Team LunaYou

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