LunaYou’s Guide to Being a Supportive Partner

Support is key to having a positive wellbeing during pregnancy and postpartum. Here are some of our tips for being a supportive partner during this period of change.

Partner support can make all the difference during pregnancy and postpartum. Having adequate support has been shown to reduce stress, strengthen relationships, and foster a positive wellbeing. But what are the best ways to support a pregnant or postpartum partner? Here are some of our tips.

Ask Your Partner What They Need

It may seem obvious, but effective communication is crucial in relationships. Every person and every relationship has different needs, and the easiest, most effective way to understand those needs is simply to ask. Some ways to phrase this question could be: “How can I support you right now?” “What do you need from me?” and “What would make you feel better in this moment?” Once you’ve asked your partner’s needs, it’s important to actively listen to their response, and follow through with support.

Provide Both Emotional and Physical Support When Possible

Once your partner has conveyed their needs, it’s important to be there for them both physically and emotionally. Physical support could mean helping out around the house, taking care of other children, or cooking a meal for you and your family. Taking some of the load off your partner’s plate gives them time to focus on their needs. Providing physical support is a great start to supporting your partner emotionally. To specifically address your partner’s emotional needs, communication is key. Ask them how they are feeling, or if they’d like to talk. Pregnancy and postpartum can often be charged with a mix of emotions. Allowing your partner to vent these feelings with someone gives them the tools to process these new emotions.

Communicate Your Needs

Just as it’s important to understand your partner’s needs, it’s also important to communicate your own needs and boundaries. Pregnancy and parenting can be emotionally challenging for a partner as well as the pregnant person. By letting your partner know what you need, you’re establishing a healthy line of communication between both parties.

In conclusion, communication is key to being a supportive partner. Healthy communication is the most effective way to ensure both your and your partner’s needs addressed.

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