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Connecting Your Blood Pressure Cuff and Activity Tracker to LunaYou App

  • Go to on your phone’s web browser.  This will take you to a landing page where you can download the withings app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

  • Click on the button, and it will take you to the Withings Health Mate app from the app store for your phone where you can download the app.

  • Once app is downloaded, open it.  Allow access to bluetooth.  Tap Sign up.
  • Tap Trackers. Tap Pulse HR. Now that you’ve selected Pulse HR, tap Install.

  • Follow the prompts to pair your Pulse HR with your mobile phone via Bluetooth connection.

  • Pairing completed.

  • Sign up for a Withings Health Mate account.  You can use any type of authentication you wish such as Apple, Google, or simply create a new Withings account with an email address and password.  Complete basic profile: sex, date of birth, height, weight.

  • The Withings app may ask you to sync with your native Health app on your phone.  It will work either way.  This step depends on your personal preferences, and how you use your phone for health tracking in general.  There are some additional considerations here, such as if you forget to wear your Pulse HR device, your phone itself may be able to provide Withings Health Mate with your steps data.  It may vary from what the Pulse HR tracks, however.

  • Pulse HR configuration will complete.

  • Answer the exercise question.
  • Now set up your Withings BPM Connect (blood pressure cuff) and pair with your phone via bluetooth.

  • Also connect your Withings BPM Connect to your Wi-Fi network if possible. This will allow your blood pressure readings to be recorded without even needing to have your Withings app opened.

  • Now that your Withings Health Mate app is installed on your mobile phone, and you have paired your Pulse HR and BPM Connect devices, you can log into the LunaYou mobile website and authorize LunaYou to access your Withings data.  Open your web browser on your phone such as Safari on iPhone or Chrome on Android, and navigate to

  • Follow the prompts to authorize LunaYou to connect to your Withings Health Mate data.  Authorize Withings with the same username and password you set up in step 9.  Make sure to click Allow this app and not Refuse.

If you are having difficulty connecting your Blood Pressure Cuff and Activity Tracker, watch the video below to get step-by-step instructions.

If you have any difficulty please call or text us at (401) 270-7906.

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