Race and Maternal Health

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LunaYou is a maternal wellbeing program designed to walk alongside women throughout their pregnancy and after their baby is born. Through personal empowerment, we help women find their voice, speak up for themselves, and become their own best health advocate.  Women create a circle of support, have access to trusted spaces among peers, and measure their own wellbeing with a comprehensive wellness dashboard. LunaYou is a wellbeing program where the women take charge.

As we find ourselves in a time of unprecedented uncertainty, we are grateful to all those who contributed to the foundation of the LunaYou model, because we are 100% certain that it was built for this moment.  As soon as the pandemic hit, we effortlessly switched to a virtual experience, and accelerated our plans for scale.

Over the last four weeks, Courtney Lester, LunaYou’s Wellbeing Coach initiated an ongoing conversation about Race and Maternal Health. In a series of four videos, she explores structural racism, implicit bias, microagressions, and the importance of listening to black women and their stories. Science tells us the stress caused by racism leads to poor maternal health outcomes. It is the little day-in and day-out experiences of racial discrimination, not being respected, not being heard, and having your truth be disregarded that adds up to an immeasurable amount of stress on black women.

We invite you to listen to Yolanda, a LunaYou mom, as she talks to Courtney about one of these moments.

As Courtney so wisely puts it, “Listening is something that costs absolutely nothing. It’s saying, “this person knows their body better than we do.”

Courtney adds, “giving women the ability to find their own voice and speak up for themselves is very important, but it doesn’t end there, it’s up to us to listen when women DO speak up for themselves.”

Please honor Yolanda for sharing her story by reading more about her journey — and listening.

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