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May 29, 2020
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For LunaYou, empowering women is one of the core components of the platform. Photography is a powerful reminder of who you really are, and a touch point to come back to again and again. We believe the arts are uniquely able to help capture and share the stories of the women participating in LunaYou. We believe that by sharing your story you quickly realize that you are not alone in the way you feel. Stories build empathy, and allow us to truly get a glimpse of someone’s lived experience.

LunaYou is excited to collaborate with local portrait and documentary photographer Stephanie Alvarez Ewens who will be taking portraits of all the women currently enrolled in LunaYou. Stephanie’s ability to put her subjects at ease, allowing them to let their guard down, results in a truly magical portrait. “I love capturing people’s portraits, hearing their stories, and capturing their true essence,” said Stephanie. “Getting your portrait taken can be such a vulnerable experience, but the transformation I witness during the course of a shoot and when people see their image is beautiful, a total empowering moment. It’s an experience that allows people to be seen, and in turn helps them to see their own selves in a new positive light.”

For years Stephanie Alvarez Ewens has been the photographer for BIF’s annual Collaborative Innovation Summit, capturing years of memories for both attendees and storytellers alike. As a photographer, Stephanie’s work has focused on connecting, understanding, and seeing people for who they really are. 

Stephanie’s latest work #SeeOurFRONTLINERS is a documentary,  honoring, and sharing the stories of frontline and essential workers facing the threat of COVID-19  everyday as they go to work during this pandemic.

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