LunaYou a Rapid Response to COVID-19

Recruiting the first group of women for the LunaYou program began in February, with some early sign-ups we were well on our way. In mid-March when COVID-19 hit Rhode Island, two things were clear, we needed to be able to support as many women as possible, and second we were now 100% virtual.

The stories we heard from the women were full of anxiety, and fear. Would anyone be allowed by my side when I delivered? Would I be safe in the hospital, would my baby be safe? Prenatal visits were now a solitary event, and just calling to try and find out the new policies was an ordeal.

All of the women enrolled in LunaYou are covered by Medicaid, with 80% being either Black or Latina. Their zip codes alone would tell us they were high risk for childbirth complications. But we believe with LunaYou the women have the power to take charge of their care, and their outcomes.

As we learn by doing, and refine what programmatic elements are most valuable to the women, we are driven by passion and purpose.

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Hey Mamas! Courtney here, your LunaYou Personal Wellbeing Coach. What are you doing to stay well during this time? Give…

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Meet Baby Z! Dinorah gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Saturday, April 11th in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both mama and baby are doing great. We love our #LunaYouMamas! #iAmLunaYou

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