Opportunity to Engage

Somewhere in the United States, there is a woman who has just discovered that she is expecting a child. This is news that nearly 3.8 million American women hear per year.  However for her, as an African American woman, this may be a death sentence. This is the grim reality for far too many women in the United States especially Black and Latina women. At BIF, we don’t believe that this is just a healthcare issue but it is a social, racial, and economic issue. An issue that has to be faced, and we are facing it through LunaYou.

LunaYou is a woman-centered maternal wellbeing program that empowers women and puts them back in control of many health factors that lead to childbirth mortality. Scientists say that increased wellbeing leads to positive maternal health outcomes. It ensures each mama involved in LunaYou has the confidence to take control of her health and wellbeing throughout her pregnancy and the first 3 months after her baby is born.

Learn More About the LunaYou Program

In this prototype phase, with the support of a wellbeing coach, 25 women from across Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, and surrounding cities will uncover what motivates them. Women in LunaYou will be able to track their activity, sleep patterns, blood pressure, stress levels, prepare for pre and postnatal appointments, and also be immersed in a support group of other mothers to ensure each woman is an advocate for their own health. 

Want to be more involved and empower women? Help identify and recruit  pregnant women that fit within the following criteria: 

  • Pregnant women of diverse racial, and ethnic backgrounds (age 18 or over)
  • Live in Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, and other surrounding cities in Rhode Island 
  • Be covered by RIte Care insurance 
  • Have a due date between May-October 2020

Please contact courtney@bif.is to learn more about opportunities to engage.