Welcome Courtney!

BIF is proud to welcome Courtney Lester, Business Model Designer to our team. As part of her role, in 2020 she will be the Wellness Coach for the 25 women in the Woman-Centered Maternal Wellbeing Program: LunaYou. Courtney has a natural ability to connect with people, she invites confidence, emphasizes strength and vulnerability, all in service of helping people fulfill their goals.  Courtney has a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and her Masters of Social Work, both of which she puts to good use in her daily life.  

“Courtney has an entrepreneurial spirit, boundless compassion, and a deep passion for social change. I can think of no one better to help us prototype the LunaYou experience, both delivering value to the first 25 women in the program, while simultaneously considering what LunaYou looks like at scale,” said Saul Kaplan, BIF’s Founder and Chief Catalyst.   

Courtney comes to BIF after working at the Boston University School of Social Work (BUSSW) as the Manager of Recruitment.  While there, she developed a number of innovative programs including a nurturing campaign for accepted students, and virtual events for prospective students.  She saw a need and was able to work with her team to visualize a solution and bring it to life. Courtney’s innovative and strategic spirit fits perfectly with BIF’s vision and will help ensure a successful year one of LunaYou.

Before BUSSW, Courtney was the U.S. Regional Program Manager at Enactus, a global non-profit operating in 37 countries, enabling business and employment opportunities for college students across the US by combining social enterprise and corporate social responsibility; partnering with colleges and universities to create business ventures that offer life-changing services to communities in need. 

Outside of work, Courtney serves as a spiritual leader with her husband Pastor Justin Lestor at Congdon Street Baptist Church.  She enjoys all things DIY, and spending time with her son, Camden. In Courtney’s own words “One of my non-negotiables when working is to laugh hard and loud daily. No matter how the day goes there is still joy to be found!”  

Please join us in welcoming Courtney to our team! Feel free to reach out to courtney@bif.is You can learn more about Courtney on her blog, ForeverLester.

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