A woman-centered maternal wellbeing program.

Why LunaYou

LunaYou is a woman-centered maternal wellbeing program that offers women the ability to manage risk factors, track their health and wellbeing goals, and access a dedicated Wellbeing Coach to help them throughout their pregnancy, and in the first three months after their baby is born.

LunaYou encourages women to share their journey with their personal support network and their Wellbeing Coach, who together, enable rapid and seamless connection to medical and social service care when needed. Each woman is unique, and deserves personalized support that is both respectful, and culturally sensitive to her individual needs.

The App.

The LunaYou Mobile App provides a simple way for women to track, set goals, and improve their wellbeing patterns. Empowering each woman to take charge of her pregnancy journey, with the confidence that she can influence better outcomes.

The Coach.

The Wellbeing Coach plays an integral role in LunaYou, being a trusted partner to the women, to help her develop strategies to reduce stress, achieve goals, and have a healthy pregnancy journey.


The LunaYou Experience provides personalized support throughout a woman’s pregnancy and during the first three months postpartum. It puts women at the center of a blended experience with opportunities for both in-person and virtual engagement to increase her confidence and motivation to improve her maternal wellbeing.